Looking across Aukland Harbor from Devonport with the prominent 1,000' tower dominating the Aukland skyline.

Time for a changing of the guard here on Goosebumps. Rich McKee will be moving aboard very soon as the new owner and we will find our way back to Santa Fe in time for spring. We've had a great time prep'ing the Goose to cruise and have managed to see things we would otherwise never have had the chance to see. Now Rich will pick up where we stopped- right here in Key West where he owns a slip- and hopefully go much further. By the time we leave for Santa Fe in another week the Goose will be ready to do what Geminis are supposed to do!

Rich has expressed an interest in keeping this site alive, so I expect those that want to will be able to find material on mods that have been done. We'll have create site and will have a link here to our cruising and travel archives if you have and interest in what's going on with us currently.


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