Wedding Photos

Certainly not a big wedding with just the four of us attending: the Admiral and the Captain, of course, and we bribed Michael & Layne with dinner to be witnesses if they promised not to make us laugh too hard while in the County Clerk's office. You have to know Michael to understand this could be a challenge for him! :-)

Layne told him ahead of time he was the duty photographer. Turned out to be not a chore for him since he got to play with a digital camera for the first time. He seemed to enjoy it.... I think there may be one in their future! He kept busy playing with all the features of the camera and did a good job keeping us distracted so we didn't panic (too much!). Plus we ended up with a bunch of photos, a few of which we share here.

Here's the happy couple pretending there isn't a sea of faces in the Clerk's office watching to see if these two were really going to get hitched! Wardrobe was regulation Key West (though long pants were needed cuz of the cold weather).

Not your typical judge-officiated wedding like we have in California... this young lady issues the license and if asked will conduct the ceremony.

A little slice of cake. Definitely not on the diet, but hey... sometimes you've just gotta break the rules!

Our favorite witnesses helping us celebrate at our favorite restaurant, El Siboney. Also definitely not on our diet (I don't think Cubans use any form of vegetable in there diet other than plantains and yucca!), but a wonderful indulgence.

The wedding party. Layne kept her badge hidden and Michael is hiding behind sun glasses so he won't be recognized by his fans. Actually he lost his brand new pair overboard when the mainsheet hit his head and carried them away. $550 gone in the blink of an eye!

I think there's a law here in Key West about having a wedding photo taken in front of this banyan tree, so we obliged. The Captain seems to be asking "are you sure it's a law?" and the Admiral is telling him "well it's my law!"

The Admiral and the Captain are pretending they aren't stuffed and miserable from eating way too much of the la palomilla steaks they ordered. Normally we share a meal here, but this special night we each ordered... then took home the other half of both steaks!

Our third witness and favorite guard dog Emma... sometimes known as Her Emmanance. Warning: intruders are in danger of being licked to death!