Updates for Apr - Jun 2004

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14 May 2004 (Update #54)... Hello from Santa Fe, NM!

The Captain just got back from Key West where he enjoyed a working holiday aboard the Goose... I'm not sure I want to do that again anytime soon! It was 2 solid weeks of grunt work... all very necessary and long over due. The main project was to rebed the forward starboard hatch which Michael told me was leaking. The discoloration of the teak & holly sole in the forward stateroom confirmed the worst.

Removing the hatch turned out to be easier than the previous time since the hatch wasn't adhering very well (hence the leak). So if the leak was caused by too little sealant, then it was damn sure not going to leak for the same reason a second time. I smeared and gobbed enough 3-M sealant on there for 3 hatches! We had one thunderstorm while I was there and thankfully the hatch didn't leak a drop.

One enormous chore was to empty the pantry of all the open and out of date foods we had stored there. Layne volunteered to help. I think she was worried I'd get frugal and try to save some things I shouldn't! :-) The effort raised the waterline a good inch on the starboard side and left the pantry ready for the Admiral to just head for the store when we get back.

Of course, with the H-word about to arrive again, I also had to strip the last few things topside, replace and double-up the docklines, and make sure the boat is ready to ride it out. One of the reasons there's a little more concern is that Ray Jason is in town and planning to spend the summer here. Ray is a San Francisco cruiser and juggler extraordinaire who happened to spend the summer in Key West when Georges hit in 1998. Now I don't really want to call Ray a storm magnet, but it doesn't cost much to be prepared! :-)

We expect to head back to Key West in November to ready the Goose... to spend the winter cruising season in the Bahamas. On the way there we'll be making a detour to Maine for a wedding... we were delighted to hear the news that son Brad will be tieing the knot and look forward to the big event! Until then we'll be doing a little land cruising.

Btw, this casual approach to keeping a boat in Key West is only possible because of the attention the Goose... gets from our friends Michael & Layne of MIKI G. Thanks guys!

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